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  1. Ok, I'm trying to create a rendering system, and I keep getting this crash: As far as I'm aware, I have lwjgl in the classpath, so what is the problem?
  2. I have a few questions about rendering entities. First of all, I don't know what the RenderManager argument is and what I'm supposed to pass in (Jabelar's tutorial doesn't cover it). Secondly, I'm wondering how I could implement my existing system for TileEntities to work with Living Entities. Basically, instead of using a single model instance, I have multiple instances that the game cycles through. I think I could achieve the same thing if I set the protected model field before rendering, but I'd rather not set protected fields if at all possible due to the fact that if I don't have to set protected fields, I don't need to create a class at all (the proxy function from Clojure can create instances of "extended" classes, but can't access protected fields). But I might end up doing this anyways.
  3. Ok, I just finished implementing it, and it works. You were right that the PlayerEvent.StartTracking event doesn't fire on the player themselves, but you were also right that PlayerLoggedInEvent was also an acceptable substitute. Thanks.
  4. Ah, thanks, I thought I might have subscribed to the wrong event. This fires for the player themselves as well, right?
  5. I'm trying to create a system that syncs entities and extended entity properties automatically. However, sometimes the first one or two entities it tries to sync return null when attempting to obtain them via getEntityByID, upon beginning a new world. This probably has something to do with threading, however I'm performing the sync at the EntityJoinWorldEvent, and according to the console, this IS being executed in the correct thread (the server logs "Error executing task" before the exception is thrown). So, what am I missing?
  6. Ah, I understand. Side note: OOP is somewhat irrelevent, as the language I'm writing for is Clojure, which is FP (Functional Programming) instead. It is why wrapping around Minecraft Forge is quite a bit more monumental for Clojure than a language like Scala: I'm not only bridging the gap between languages, I'm also bridging the gap between mindsets. Anyways, I think I'm done with this, thanks again for all of the help.
  7. I don't understand how this answers my question. Shouldn't the same be possible with or without an instance?
  8. Actually, why DO we have to provide an object? Why not a class with static methods? For example, I wanna try putting an event subscription in my entity class, but I don't wanna have to have it registered every single time the entity is constructed, when just a static method will do (as the entity object gets provided by the event anyways). In fact, wouldn't calling static methods technically be faster anyways? So then why do we have to provide an instance?
  9. Yeah, I think it's impossible. Minecraft Forge's event system is retarded. By that I mean it's very... static. But I suppose that perhaps instead of trying to keep everything in a single event class that gets modified over time, maybe I should just add event methods to the classes themselves. On a side note, I actually tried the global Event subscription idea I had. The game actually didn't lag for the most part. HOWEVER, core.async was trying to push too many events to the central channel. In other words, more events were coming in than could be sorted and subsequently dropped, causing a backlog of events that caused noticeable lag and constant complaints from core.async that it had too many events. TL;DR: You were probably right lol.
  10. Hm, forge has a transforming classloader that it uses, right? Would it be possible to add subscribed methods to the event class using that, then re-registering the class, in order to allow for dynamic event registration?
  11. Hm, would there possibly be a way to directly feed it a Method? Clojure can pass functions around like data, so I could probably make a way to register a function with the event handler. It would still directly call it as a method, but 1.) Wouldn't require a class at all (or an instance of one, it would function as a static method) and 2.) It wouldn't require method annotations (very annoying in Clojure). If you could just register an event from anywhere, it would open up a lot of possibilities, such as auto-subscribing to certain events (such as when syncing entities, or registering extended properties, for example). This is the main issue I'm facing that makes me want such a feature.
  12. I've been writing a mod to integrate the Clojure programming language into Minecraft, and would like to add a better event system. This would involve shoving events into core.async channels, which would then distribute them across the mod. As such, I need a way to catch most, if not all, events in order to process them. So does subscribing to a parent class event catch the child events as well? Such that if I subscribe to just the Event class, I'll catch all events? Or on the other hand, is there a way to plug into the event bus, and handle events that way?
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