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  1. So, I'm working on a mod for fabric, but I'm going to make a rewrite for forge. So my question is, fabric uses yarn's mappings, forge uses Mojang's, which means I cannot distribute the mod in it's default state, so what do I need to do to be able to release that?
  2. Hi, I want to know how I can add optifine(the.jar, not the source file) to my dev environment. This is not going to be distributed with optifine, but I'm wanting to add it so I can: 1: boost my fps while testing. 2: make sure my mod would work properly with optifine.
  3. So I uploaded a mc modpack up on curseforge the other day, it's not being listed in any of my projects even when I sign myself in. I'm wondering if this is because they haven't accepted it, or because it contains non curseforge mods such as sk1ers keystrokes and such. And maybe if I add a mod called mod director to download those mods with, that would fix the issue if so?
  4. Ok, so use something like the technic launcher or the new one curseforge is compatable with?
  5. So, I've been wanting to make a mc client, but instead resorted to using a modpack. Would it be illegal to distribute a .zip file from my Minecraft directory with those mods and config files but without logs be illegal if I give people the .zip folder and have them put it in their own directory?
  6. oh, sry for the long wait. I'm no longer responding to this forum as my question has been answered. thanks for helping.
  7. now that I got it downloaded, how would I load it to eclipse? it is an intelliJ file(.iml) I don't have intelliJ on my computer cause it takes up a lot of space, and so does eclipse. but I've got eclipse right now.
  8. Thanks Curl, I'll look up some tutorials for updating this, I love this mod, but it seems to of been forgotten, like, it doesn't even have 1.15.0 yet.
  9. Hello, I've found a mod that I really love. More Player Models. i need to know how to decompile it. and update it, I wont upload it to other sites or anything. i know there are ways to decompile .class files and the deob thing where it makes more sense. but how do I do these things to load it into eclipse and update it?
  10. :( Ok, well.. I'll have to wait a while before I even think of writing a book about it.
  11. Lots can be found on amazon.com, just look up Minecraft books, most are how to dos but some are story books.
  12. I wanna make a book about minecraft, like how to play, and how to have a great time. But, do I need to ask to do such things?
  13. Oh, I'm not trying too, I've recently started making mods, i used to use mcreator, which I liked for a while, till I Learned that all the code was everywhere in the mod folder. If there are any yt vids about this topic, pls tell me.
  14. I've got lots of apps that I never use running in the background on my laptop. I've decided to disable most except the ones I do use. This will give my laptop a little more power to work with right? so by theory, Minecraft should be more smooth & have more fps, cause it'll have more resources available?
  15. How do I make a button with text on it, and when you click it, it changes the size of the height, and another for the width of a limb of my choosing and lists it the current size in the text. Or a slider with text under it with every time you turn it up, the body part goes up in height and another slider/ for the width and same for going down it goes down in height or width. I've got gradle and eclipse, so those are the two I'm using for this project.
  16. OK, DavidM, you were right, I'm only able to make very simple mods, like just blocks. I like the idea, but it really needs some fixes, so have both it and eclipse. but I'll use eclipse more for the mod development.
  17. I think that would have some copyright issues.
  18. Actually it is, I'm making a mod for forge, and I need some support or otherwise known as help.
  19. I'm making a mod, similar to the one called "More Player Models" on curseforge and I just started using eclipse. I used to use mcreator, I do still for some things. But I what I need help with is changing the size of player legs, arms, torso, head, and hit box, all with buttons or sliders with text below or on telling the current size of the part of player. Oh and also a textbox for a skin url to change skin in-game. I really need help with this and it would be greatly appreciated. If there are any youtube videos, than please put them in the comments.
  20. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll look into all of these
  21. I know somebody will say "just buy a desktop" but I want a more portable and powerful laptop. My personal option is the motile 14" 8gb ram and 248gb ssd from Walmart. But is there a much cheaper option for a powerful laptop with 64-bit windows ten?
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