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  1. tgg thank you so much!!! I am not experienced at all with entities so could you link a good and easy tutorial?? Note, im on 1.12.2 so that might be different?
  2. Ah I will do do that thanks Also Would if I made it an entity and then made it ignore the frustum check would that work?
  3. I have a block which loads from an obj file The obj is quite large and I want it to still render when the player isnt actually viewing the block (i.e, make the block render even if its not in the viewport, but is within the chunk render distance) How can I do this ty
  4. I have a PlaySoundEvent, how do I check if the event was caused by minecraft automatically playing sounds, or the player did /playsound, or etc..? (Forge 1.12.2) . I want to randomize the sounds depending on stuff, it works but if you do /playsound it does a random sound aswell and I dont want that
  5. Sorry this is the wrong forum, but the other ones link does not work Whenever I try to execute the command in single player It just sends me 'An unexpected error occured trying to execute that command' Here is the command code: public static void register(CommandDispatcher<CommandSource> d) { d.register(Commands.literal("import").requires(s->s.hasPermissionLevel(2)) .then(Commands.argument("modelFile", StringArgument.string()) .then(Commands.argument("xOrigin", IntegerArgumentType.integer()) .then(Commands.argument("yOrigin"
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