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  1. I've not had WorldEdit work with mod-added blocks (specifically, the mods in Feed the Beast/Mindcrack 8.1.1) in the last twenty or so BukkitForge builds (and half-dozen or so WorldEdit builds) I've tried. Region selection works fine, movement commands (e.g., /ascend) work fine, region modification commands (e.g., /expand) work fine, but any non-vanilla block ID produces "block name '_number_' not recognized." Region clipboard operations also fail to manipulate any non-vanilla block IDs, which can make accidental pastes impossible to //undo without manual repairs. Basically, WorldEdit 5.50 release and snapshot builds only seem to work on vanilla blocks. Which, on a modded-Forge server, makes WE pretty much useless.
  2. Just as a FYI, I created an account here specifically to commend keepcalm and his (assuming keepcalm is a "he" - kinda tough to tell gender via text) cohorts for their work on BukkitForge. The sheer number of builds posted to the Jenkins repo is almost mind-numbing - it's like 2-3 new builds hit there per hour sometimes...
  3. Dunno if there'll be a fix for that per se, but what you're seeing are color codes being displayed as plain text.
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