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  1. do i have to open the cmd in the main MCP folder? or what Because i opened cmd inside my MCP>Intellij and i get this error : https://prnt.sc/s6k433 EDIT : when i do that cmd command in main folder i get different error : https://prnt.sc/s6k5ex
  2. did I do it right? : https://prnt.sc/s6jp3z
  3. @Novârch Where do i put it. I pasted it into "build.gradle" and it gave me this error : https://prnt.sc/s6jp3z
  4. So on my Intellij only one thing is upset (Red Line on bottom) Name is : PlayerAdvancements How do i fix this? Please And Thank You. Screenshot:
  5. Hello, This is my First post there and first time using MCP and Eclipse, Intellij So i was trying to get it working for like 8hours now and still cant get it running, but finnaly got really close to end, i thing because im only getting error from one file. When i had errors from almost all of the files. I'm using Intellij and MCP940 (Latest) and when it was running i did get like 7 errors but i ignored them. but i do have what it said ScreenShot of those errors from CMD : https://prnt.sc/s6crev And now i got everything setup the folders, launch setting etc. and when i tried to launch i got loads of error but they were from one folder called : AdvancementManager. but i somehow fixed it and then the error went to file named : PlayerAdvancements. but i also somehow fixed by replacing them. and now i get error from file named : MethodsReturnNonnullByDefault Heres a screenshot of it : https://prnt.sc/s6cqdg Any help will help. Thanks.
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