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  1. Also, I know forge no longer has long term support for 1.12.2 hence why I'm asking for 1.14 perhaps this could be done for 1.12.* I'm still fairly new to this.
  2. I peaked at the StopRender mod from the link you provided before and now, yet when I entered in different TileEntities, nothing actually worked I always seemed to get an error, this is when I used 1.12.2 as well, if you understand it, perhaps you could show me a working example? Cause even the example provided by the mod developer on curseforge, it doesn't work so I'm unsure how to progress from here. Do you know if any mods that disables the client rendering like you had said above? Like including the window itself? If so could you perhaps list one? It'd be quite useful and I'd appreciate the assistance.
  3. Hi, so I was wondering if it's possible to stop rendering all the tile entities in a world? I want to stop all and any blocks or entities from being loaded in so I am able to get the total MC Client's CPU usage down to 1%-5% I just want to know if this is possible, if so, how can it be done? I still want to be able to see things in my inventory, just don't want to render any of the textures in the world itself. I'd want it to look something like in the image provided. The imagine provided is something someone else had sent me. I'll probably end up back porting this to 1.12 then I guess.
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