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  1. Hello, We are looking for any volunteers that would willing to help out creating Models, Animations, and Textures for MOBS (Passive and Aggressive) for this AMAZING RuneScape MOD. Guff (Developer) is a Master Coder, but does not really get into the Animations and Modeling side of things. This MOD has some much content to offer, but it would be absolutely incredible with workings MOBS. PM if Interested. Below are the links to the RSMC Reddit and CurseForge page. RSMC Reddit RSMC MOD CurseForge
  2. -I am writing spell scripts for a mod I am using called RSMC. It's a Runescape based Mod for Forge 1.7.10. -My spells work, but the issue is they are invisible or create no color effects. -My Teleport Spell uses: function populateColorMap(map) { map.put("#FFFFFF", 1.1); map.put("#00FFFF", 1.2); map.put("#0000FF", 1.7); } My Projectile Spell uses: function getParticleColors() { var map = new HashMap(); map.put("#FFFFFF", 1.0); return map; } I was wondering if anyone could help me out, please.
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