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  1. I saw a cool minecraft mod idea on twitter and wanted to code it. Basically whenever you win a game on the hypixel network it play giorno's theme. I am having issues playing the sound and have no clue why. Here is my code, feel free to put the answer on this thread on the issue I opened in the repository. https://github.com/Miqhtiedev/MusicMemer
  2. Didn't work. What parts am I missing.
  3. Hey, So I am trying to code a mod that plays giornos theme when you win a game of SW or BW on the hypixel network. When I run the code to play the sound I get the error/warning: Unable to play empty soundEvent: memesounds:giornos_theme Here is all of my *amazing* code. Code to play sound: player.addChatMessage(new ChatComponentText("New Message >> " + message)); Location of sound file: resources/assets/memesounds/sounds sounds.json which is located in resources/assets/memesounds { "giornos_theme": {"category": "ambient","sounds": [{"name":
  4. I posted this twice and got the answer on stack overflow. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61470625/error-registering-item-1-12-2-minecraft-forge
  5. Hey, I am following a tutorial on forge and the tutorial is from forge 1.10, I am coding in the 1.12 version but ran into an error. Error: Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Can't use a null-name for the registry, object net.minecraft.item.Item@2fd1f0e4. Code: public class ModItems { public static Item sumersHead; public static void preInit(){ sumersHead = new Item().setUnlocalizedName("sumers_head").setCreativeTab(FirstMod.tabFirst); registerItems(); } public static void registerItems() { ForgeRegistries.ITEM
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