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  1. no I have never said I don't even know what a static method is I said you shouldn't think that I don't know what a static method is I see you quote the part where I said what you shouldn't think about me, no problem. I still haven't figured it out, nothing worked, so at this point I'm just kinda searching the internet, and I'm spending less time on coding this mod
  2. lmao. I see you dont get it
  3. I'm trying to get this to work, been trying for more than one day now, and I'm not asking for any code. Probably you think I'm stupid, well, I'm not. Actually you still didn't answer my question, where I asked if this event should get called when I get hit in game, so I take knockback, because I don't see why wouldn't this work. If you want the code, there: https://pastebin.com/EuZkaUUe. AND if you really want to reply, you should help, not insult me or think that I'm so stupid I don't even know what's static method, or if you can't reply normally, then just don't, dear Forum Team member.
  4. Where am I supposed to put ,,static'' ?
  5. Didn't test it yet, but why wouldn't this event bus work? ._.
  6. So what should I use? Basically every other events work perfectly in that class, except for that one.
  7. https://pastebin.com/5VUf4rXC I hope you can see how it should be working, but its not. Also, idk debug.log, but it just doesn't do the System.out.println() at all. Nothing. And in this thread again: This event is supposed to call when I get knockback, right? So e.g a player punch me?
  8. Can't find a way to reopen thread. This problem still persists, using 1.15.2!
  9. So KeyBinding is like keyBindings[0] = new KeyBinding("Blabla..", KeyValue, "blabla"); It was working in 1.12 but there is no org.lwjgl.input.Keyboard to use in 1.15 forge
  10. Using 1.15.2 forge, how would I detect if a key (e.g R) was pressed? I tried GuiScreenEvent.KeyboardKeyPressedEvent and InputEvent.KeyInputEvent, they just fire twice and when I hold the key it fires lots of times.
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