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  1. omg thank you so much, I completely missed that and was looking at somewhere else entirely when you said I put that twice, thanks for the help. I understand that this is not convention, so if you can suggest any sort of reference or help it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The code here: https://github.com/TechnoVisionDev/Minecraft-1.15.2-Modding-Tutorial does the exact same thing and it works. Do you know why his works and mine doesnt? Also do you know any other guide or reference I could use, to get started in modding, and any advice on how to register Block Items
  3. I'm a computer engineer student and I always wanted to make a mod, so I recently started a tutorial series, I'm following the series by TechnoVision and coding side by side. I attempted to create a block for the first time and but I got an error during loading link to pastebin with latest.log : https://pastebin.com/XjEHKs6D here is my github for "my" mod: https://github.com/JoeA42/MinecraftModTutorial and here the one for the tutorial series: https://github.com/TechnoVisionDev/Minecraft-1.15.2-Modding-Tutorial I was checking a previous thread that seemed relevant I checked everywhere in my code and I was not able to find any inconsistencies, I downloaded TecnoVision git, and they seemed exactly the same. I realize I can clone his repository but I wanted to know what was wrong Thanks in advance
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