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  1. Hi ! im currently using a part of minecraft jukebox code for a block im creating, and I was wondering if one of you knew why the float offset for dropping the disk in case of you breaking the block was so precise : double d0 = (double)(worldIn.rand.nextFloat() * 0.7F) + (double)0.15F; double d1 = (double)(worldIn.rand.nextFloat() * 0.7F) + (double)0.060000002F + 0.6D; double d2 = (double)(worldIn.rand.nextFloat() * 0.7F) + (double)0.15F; I mean, 0.060000002.... why?
  2. hm? if it do not bother you, could you elaborate dice ? ^^
  3. Hi, I created a cassette player, after many hours spend on it everything work properly but I still have one thing I would like to add, but sadly I have no idea how I could do that. I have 4 models for it : "open" "closed" "open with a cassette" and "close with a cassette" currently the cassette showing in the block is a default cassette texture, but I would like to change the texture based on the cassette the player put in, does anyone have a idea how I could do such a thing? here is how the cassette player look right now
  4. Hi ! I designed two models for my entity, and I would want to change the model depending of either the entity is moving or not. But I have no idea how to do so, does someone know how to, or know a mod that do that?
  5. don't know if it's what you want, and it's a bit late, but maybe you are looking for that? head.setTextureOffset(25, 46).addBox(-3.0F, -1.0F, -3.0F, 5, 1, 5, 0.0F, false);
  6. but how would you prevent the fluid from having water splash then?
  7. A friend of mine said "In 1.12 it was done alot differently. It has to do with forge not having as much features now because of the updates to 1.13 and 1.14 they had to remake it from the ground up It's impssible to do it in 1.14 because it's hardcoded into the game. We would have to remake the fluids from the ground up in the mod" But maybe you guys know more?
  8. The thing is, I want water to stay as it is, but change other fluids. like for exemple if there was oil, I want it to make dark particules
  9. Hi, when you enter water in minecraft, blue particules splash. This splash, in 1.14.4, is sadly hard coded in the entity class. My question is, do one of you know a way to change the color of those particule for exemple, using forge assets?
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