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  1. NotJustRustic is Looking for a Midsize Creator whiling to make content and promote our growing network. We are a Java 1.15.2 Network with 3 wonderful game modes Creative, Survival with MCMMO, and Passport Prisons, a Unique world travel themed prisons. What Are We Looking for from You? We are looking for someone who is hardworking and mature who would reflect positively on the server. This creator Preferably is fluent in English and has 1k+ Followers and at-least 25 concurrent viewers per stream or 100+ views per Video. Viewers should be Ligament and Active in your community. We ask that
  2. Server: NotJustRustic Ip: Play.NotJustRustic.Net Game modes: Creative, Survival, and Prisons Version: Java 1.15.2 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/VhXv9V8 So much more than Rustic. Looking for a friendly tight-knit server community, or maybe travel the world from the comforts of your home? NotJustRustic just might be for you! We’re home to the brand new Passport Prisons, a unique prison game mode that takes you to landmarks all around the world. Play with friends, new and old, on our survival server with MCMMO. Want to stretch your creative mu
  3. NotJustRustic is now online with Creative and Survival Servers, Plus Prison and so much more coming very soon. Tomorrow if we hit 25 active players we will be giving away 1 BALLER rank(Top Rank) so tell your friends and join us at Play.NotJustRustic.Net in 1.15.2 Discord Instagram Twitter
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