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  1. Thanks so much, sorry I made it look easy ig, I knew it was tough, much appreciated, thx for ur hard work
  2. For example if you launch Minecraft with many mods such as Project ozone 3, if you look at the use on all the cores of the CPU, it only loads off one thread (CPU4 for me) and this can cause the game to take 6 mins to load, would it be possible for the launch load to be split onto many threads, so people with many cores can have much faster loading times, given it was that case it may take under a minute for PO3 to load on 4c/8t CPUs roughly, this would be really hard to implement but loading the mods in their own thread fashion parallel would make the experience of starting Minecraft much nicer. Thanks for reading <3. Hope for 1.12.2 + to get this minor tweak if possible.
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