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  1. btw, i have tried removing all of the new mods and i still get the error. so i at least know its not the new ones
  2. how to get a serverside debug log? mine has not made one. i use apexhosting, if that helps
  3. here's the latest.log if this is any use https://pastebin.com/8phxGU8S
  4. debug https://gist.github.com/MercilessArchitect/1568319c9e40ed787c409b5393711831 this is copied in full from the log.
  5. https://pastebin.com/CFgKwiGA server log
  6. java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "java.util.UUID.getMostSignificantBits()" because "p_130078_" is null. whatever this means seems to be the root of the issue. it comes up in both server log and my client logs
  7. my server has not generated a debug log
  8. https://gist.github.com/MercilessArchitect/5ff22eef63f0382b80bb858f684b981a debug file
  9. i've just re-checked, and all of those mods are on both client and server. generating a debug log now
  10. that bit is untrue. ive checked. i dont know why it is showing that, because this mods are definitely on both client and server
  11. https://pastebin.com/Wzq1xnPs log in pastebin. every time i try and connect to the server, i get this error turning up in my server's console, and i have not for the life of me been able to figure it out. on the multiplayer screen it shows an internal exception io.netty.handler.codec.decoderexception: net.minecraft.resourcelocation for various different crafting recipes that are from mods that i know work, because they worked before i updated the server. pls help. forge version 39.06
  12. ive noticed that every time i load too many chunks in any given dimension, be it twilight forest, undergarden, the nether, the end (these are the ones ive tested on), the game sort of stops responding, i can move about just fine, but mobs dont move, theres no sound loading, and chunks dont generate any more, and in the one probe's tooltip, it says internal server error. the game doesnt crash either, it just sort of sits there. closing out the world sends you to the saving world screen, and gets stuck on saving world. i have to close it via task manager, and dont get a crash report. this is singleplayer only as far as i can tell. i think its a forge error, not any particular mod's error, because ive had it on three different packs while testing, enigmatica 6, stacia expert and sky bees, and they all have different mod lists. i was also able to get the error to replicate in a custom pack that just had the one probe and jei in it.
  13. i keep recieving RegistryObject and minecraft.client.renderer.color.BlockColors errors every time i try and load my new modpack. attempted to fix errors myself by deleting the mods forge said had the error, and then after the 6th mod realised it might be forge having the er here is the most recent crash report https://pastebin.com/xLH4YGBP
  14. this isnt the place to ask for help in that category, your request isnt even related to forge...
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