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  1. Hello everyone! Well this took me some time but I managed to learn a bit of coding and test some stuff to work on this mod. This is only a BETA version so I am basically learning stuff (AKA Java Coding hahaha). This also means that: Weapons are not craftable and the ores are not generated automatically in the World. Anyway I wanted to post the mod so you guys can give me some tips and suggestions to make it even better for us! I am really excited to work on this mod and I hope you like it! Forge Version Required: Minecraft Forge Version 1.8.9 - Minecraft Forum Link: https://
  2. I am having a bit of trouble rendering my custom arrow that I made on my mod. The bow consumes the item perfectly (the custom arrow item) but projectile that it shoots is a white box. I followed some tutorials and searched for this issue but none of the solutions worked. I even tried the Debugger Tool from eclipse but i got nothing. I also checked the console to see if it was giving errors but i didnt get any. Here are my classes and let me know if you need any other class to figure it out! Thank you for your time! My Main Class: package com.lassisolet.grandchasemod.main; im
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