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  1. I want to create some Nether Biomes, but as far as I know I have to create my own custom Nether to be able to do that. So are there any sites which have all the block/ore properties (rarity of the ores/blocks etc.)
  2. already tried that and it sadly doesnt work
  3. I dont know if this is just a change since a certain update, but for some reason when I save a schematic in World Edit the schematic saves into .schem instead of .schematic, but schematic edit tools only support .schematic files. Is there any way I could convert .schem into .schematic?
  4. Hey, I wanted to create a recipe which you need a specific potion for, but I dont know how. Ive done my recipe with just "minecraft:potion" so far but apparantly any potions are working instead of just 1 specific one. I would appreciate any help about this.
  5. my bad, wrong code. I meant to use this code .getItemStack((int) (1))).getItem() == new ItemStack(Items.SPLASH_POTION, (int) (1)).getItem())) && (((new Object() { public int getAmount(int sltid) { if (entity instanceof ServerPlayerEntity) { Container _current = ((ServerPlayerEntity) entity).openContainer; if (_current instanceof Supplier) { Object invobj = ((Supplier) _current).get(); if (invobj instanceof Map
  6. Im a newby at programming and I just use Mcreator for my Mod so may you please tell me where I have to put that in this code? and where I have to put in the NBT tag of the potion lol, just in brackets right after PotionUtils.getPotionTypeFromNBT ? .getItemStack((int) (1))).getItem() == PotionUtils.appendEffects(new ItemStack(Items.SPLASH_POTION, (int) (1)), Arrays.asList(new EffectInstance(Effects.POISON, (int) 900, (int) 1))).getItem())) && (((new Object() { public int getAmount(int sltid) {
  7. Hey, I want to create a bench(gui), which allows you to combine your sword with a specific potion, but how can I make that it has to be a specific potion for a specific sword, instead of any potion working for that specific sword?
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