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  1. My game crashses at 6/7 when forge ModIdMapping come to my screen. Here is the crash report. Please help me guys. ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- WARNING: coremods are present: IELoadingPlugin (ImmersiveEngineering-core-0.12-98.jar) Inventory Tweaks Coremod (InventoryTweaks-1.63.jar) ShetiPhian-ASM (ShetiPhian-ASM-1.12.0.jar) EnderCorePlugin (EnderCore-1.12.2-0.5.76-core.jar) ForgelinPlugin (Forgelin-1.8.4.jar) LogisticsPipesCoreLoader (logisticspipes- LoadingPlugin (ResourceLoader-MC1.12.1-1.5.3.jar) MalisisCorePlugin (malisiscore-
  2. I'm working on a server and i need to set shops via npcs but 18 slots are too low for the server. My modpack is like dayz so there are guns and ammuntion and stuff and there are like 150ish guns so if i want to make them all buyable i'll need atleast 8,3 npcs and 2x for the sell version and that would be de-optimised. Can you guys help me increase the slots of the trader?
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