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  1. Thank you very much will look into it!
  2. Well i think the client is aware of the location as i tested and it got it. Yes the mod is client sided only And yes preferably saved but not required at the moment (i may look into it in the future on how to save)
  3. Ok so i have the BlockPos (Players bed location just to test) but how could i make a way point of sort from it? BlockPos bed = Minecraft.getMinecraft().player.getBedLocation(); I know you would use the BlockPos to show where the way point is, but the actual way point that you can see from anywhere i have no clue how to do, one way i have though of is creating a GUI at the BlockPos but i cant see anywhere on how to do that.
  4. Im sorry i don't fully understand, can you please explain?
  5. How would i go ahead and make a way point similar to "Xareo's Minimap Mod"? I have not done anything yet as i don't know where to start if you have any ideas on how i could do something like this please leave a comment/reply Example of a way point i mean:
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