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  1. any recommendations for mods that make gameplay more interesting? or mods that are helpful?
  2. it launched!!! thank you so much! but is there any way to fix optifine or should i just not use it?
  3. there isn’t any mods installed at all... i deleted optifine already
  4. well could you give me specific instructions on where to find it? that was the only file labeled "debug" on my desktop.
  5. is this it? [0421/171948.733:ERROR:process_info.cc(329)] VirtualQueryEx: Access is denied. (0x5) [0421/171948.733:ERROR:process_info.cc(556)] ReadMemoryInfo failed [0421/171948.733:ERROR:process_memory_win.cc(39)] Failed to initialize ProcessInfo.
  6. every time i try to launch minecraft using forge, it loads all the way to 100%, but then crashes and sends me back to the main menu. when i launch vanilla mc it runs fine and i can play without any issues. forge was working perfectly fine before, i had only installed a furniture mod and my game could run. i think after i installed optifine, it started to crash, so i deleted all mods from my files and deleted java and forge as well. i then reinstalled both java and forge to see if minecraft would launch again, and it has not since. what should i do?? CRASH REPORT: ---- Minecra
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