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  1. Me and my friends are about to launch a modded server to build a city on, and we want pictures and billboards and what not but Online Picture Frame is only 1.12.2, and the server is 1.14.4. I couldn't find any other similar mods that would work on 1.14.4. Does anyone know any mods that can display an image from the internet like this on 1.14.4?
  2. I'm attempting to start a minecraft server with mods on the latest Forge version, so after I completed the installation of my server's folder including all the mods and did the port forwarding and all that, I tried to open the forge server first with command prompt (on admin and non-admin mode) with commands like "java -Xmx7000M -Xms256M -jar forge-1.12.2- nogui" and THEN from the "forge-1.12.2-" jar file executable, which like the vanilla server started the loading, but then crashed same as the command prompt, creating this report: Please does anyone kn
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