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  1. I tried connecting using my external ip and displayed the error, what do you suggest for me to do.
  2. Tried port forwarding again just in-case but it still proves to not be the problem, my friends are still getting the error, do my friends have to set their firewall to allow java too?
  3. I have set windows firewall to allow java through, I have avast antivirus but I just disable it since I have no knowledge of how to actually set app permissions.
  4. I recently made a minecraft forge server since me and my friends were bored due to the quarantine. I was able to port forward successfully, downloaded the right server files, made a proper bat file to run my server. I was able to join my own server but my friends weren't able to and they claim it says "io.netty.channel.ConnectionTimoutException:connection timed out:". How do I fix this problem? I have already been trying to solve this for the past few days and haven't fixed it yet, I've tried port forwarding multiple times, disabled my antivirus, resetting my router, and reinstalling minecraft
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