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  1. I tested onItemUse method, but its only calling when I'm NOT aiming(holding left) with the Gun Item targeting a block. In Adventure mode the Gun is behaving as I want to, because mining is disabled.... could I do that in survival when the player hold the Gun Item?
  2. I've checked and swords behave exactly as my Gun right know, the only issue now is that it doesnt shoot(onItemRightClick method) when I hold left click in survival with a Gun pointing to any block in range for mining
  3. I fixed the bug by overriding this method in the Gun's class and removing the others that prevented mining: but now it doesnt call onItemRightClick(shoot) when the player is aiming(holding left click) while looking to a non-solid block(glass, flower, etc). And by the way, is there a way to also set destroy speed to 0 on creative while holding the item? because if I remove the left click interaction on creative it still lags the player movement while aiming and looking to any block.
  4. Hi, I have a weird issue, I dont know why but when I hold left click with a Gun Item(to aim) in the main hand, looking at grass, flowers, or torches, the player gets stuck and cant move until I stop holding left click or stop looking at the grass, flower, torch, etc,.... How could I fix this? I think i've checked all the methods from the Gun class and all the events that relate to this issue, but none is making this happen. PD: in creative mode it has a different, it just causes the player movement to lag, and its triggered by holding left click with any block. Here's the repo: Gun class Footage:
  5. wait, i think i know why its crashing, ITooltipFlag is an only client class ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  6. This was probably going to happen on first attempt, but when I run my mod 1.0 on my local server, its crashing and I dont know exactly why. Here's the repo and latest.log:
  7. soooo, is it ok if I declare all the items and then, initializing them in Common first, and then calling the sorted list initializing the list? But, is fill() method from ItemGroup called after Common?
  8. are you saying this because "Array.asList();" may run before the items are initialized?
  9. Still a static initializer. ohhh you mean this method? if it isnt, please, tell me where's the "static" issue because thats the only static I see ๐Ÿ˜…
  10. is this ok now? I'm using the first List I had, List<Item>, because you said the issue was in the "static" initializing thing. I'm creating a new SortedItemList object in CommonSetup so I can get the predifined List for the Comparator, then I use the Mod Class instance field to access that mod object's Comparator field. its still working as expected ingame at least ๐Ÿ˜… Overriden method in the ItemGroup class:
  11. Can I return the list from a static method instead, like this? this static variable is in the Mod's class if its not posible, how do I deal with this error changing the List<Item> to List<RegistryObject>? like you said here
  12. thx for the guide... and thx for the update... its working For anyone interesed on the end result, here it is: 1.I made a class to store the static comparator with a static list with all the items in the order I want 2. I overriden the fill() method in the CustomTab class that I wanted to sort, sorting the item list after calling super:
  13. what is the equivalent in 1.15.2 to the method "displayAllRelevantItems" from ItemGroup?
  14. Hi, I was wondering, is there a way to fix/update the order of mod items in the world, without having to create a new world? Because everytime I add a new item and I re-sort the item order when they register, the world doesnt follow the current order in code.
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