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  1. ninjawizard


    why this site is so buged? lots of links are broken
  2. i also mod for: Hearts of Iron IV, Xenonauts, LotR:Battle of middle earth 2, The sims 4 and others, i got a discord server of The sims 4, made more than 400 mods for it so please, deny help if you want, but dont tell me im not a modder...
  3. and i got 2-3 more mods for minecraft, i mod since 1.7
  4. look how many people download my mod https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/wizards-animals i give you facts you gime me conjectures. again its ok you dont need to help me i understand.
  5. and yeah i would apreciate a 'copy this' thing for sure, i need to finish this mod fast, i can learn more java later.
  6. nah as i just said, i just have this and the climbing thing, thats it, after that i will Not come back. but its Ok man i wont pressure you to do something you dont want.
  7. is this mean you wont help them? come on bro show some luv..
  8. also i just have 2 more simple code questions, them i wont bother anybody else on this forum and i promisse i wont come back so soon
  9. YES! im not using i just want to understand that code above.
  10. i was refering to the other post, where he cursed a little bit, but its all right... im used to 'Mcreatorphobia' and i UNDERSTAND this forum dont suport it, i did Not made a single question about it, i hope you apreciate this Diesie, nor i lost my composture in any situation. is my question above that 'bad' to everybody 'attack' like that? i know i dont know much about java, but i do know the basic sir.
  11. excuse me.. but i dont think you are the owner of this forum.. i already got help here, so please stop harassing my posts. i know a little Java you are a hater.
  12. Hey friends, i could use some help with this 2 code lines here (maked with arrows on the code); i want to update my sitting code for tamed mobs to 1.15: public static class ModelCapuchin extends EntityModel<Entity> { <--------- When i try to make like the Vanilla mobs here it gives error ... ... ... private void setRotation(ModelRenderer model, float x, float y, float z) { model.rotateAngleX = x; model.rotateAngleY = y; model.rotateAngleZ = z; } // SITTING CODE public void setLivingAnimations(T entityIn, float limbSwing, float limbSwingAmount, fl
  13. aight guys chill out i do want to learn Java (only for MC) AND use Mcreator.. sorry but its a good tool, even for vet modders, but i understand your points there, but notice just one thing please, i never asked for Mcreator suport here, just CODE questions, i hope you can apreciate that. This topic is already solved, i manage to edit the code with some help now i need just help with one code line, i will be posting another topic for it.
  14. lol yeah they do i just waited 15-20min and it grow i was so happy
  15. no wait now im not sure but i think he just turned into an adult lol im confused
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