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  1. I'm launching a new server, and I am looking for options for groups, basic commands (/sethome /home /spawn /warp etc.) and I would rather not use Bukkit in conjunction with Forge (meaning no Bukkit-Forge or Forge-Bukkit.) What options are there for 1.5.2? I've been watching Forge Essentials for a couple weeks now, and there has been no progress on 1.5.2 support for the public eye. Any input would be greatly appreciated. -Train
  2. So I'm working with Forge on a MineOS server, and due to MineOS quirks, the server owner and I fought with MineOS for three hours before we got it working, which I'm not really sure how. I tested to see if installing Forge into the server jar would crash on startup, which it didn't. In fact I saw no errors when launching. It looks like this will work server-side, but I just want to make sure. I am well aware that Forge is designed to be turned into a jar and run, but MineOS is being annoying and making that process incredibly difficult, but I believe I can trick MineOS into thinking it's running a vanilla Minecraft except with Forge and Forge mods, simply by installing Forge into the server jar, and running the server like normal. My big question is: will running Forge this way server-side cause trouble, or do you think it will work? Any input would be greatly appreciated. -Train
  3. I'm still waiting for my breath to return... Wow. This literally took my breath away (and by "literally" I mean literally, not "figuratively-literally."(I hate how people abuse that term and force people using proper English to clarify))
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