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  1. I already tried manually downloading it but It came out the same.. Image of the Error.. Also the Image I used is the same as the Topic I made a day ago thats because it's the same error thats coming up to me.. I heard 1.8.9 is no longer supported so I tried downloading 1.9 but the same error came up..btw I used the .exe version of the Installer
  2. I heard 1.8+ are no longer supported so I'm here to ask you guys what version of Minecraft is a good substitute to 1.8.9? I'm used to 1.8.9 so I would highly appreciate it If the version you guys reccomend are as identical to 1.8.9 (With the block hitting things) EDIT: I have realised that I gave little information about the reccomendation thing so what I meant is, I'm more of a PvP person so what I meant was, What version of Minecraft is best to pvp on?
  3. I already tried this fixing method but It still wont work.. This is a screenshot of the Error I'm facing.. I'm using Forge 1.8.9. I'm using the .jar version of the Installed..
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