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  1. Honestly I don't think mb would be useful to keep around, or perhaps keep it equal to a bucket ounce/whatever so folks doing chem mods which use liquids which never become blocks (or came from blocks) can stay metric.
  2. This is pretty valid, but its honestly pretty easy modular math? And I don't think we'd ever consider liquid iron in terms of 'bottles' since that's (as far as I have seen in existing mods) just a thing that's not done. Would be, assuming 3 bottles a bucket, 'One bucket/block, 6 ingots, and 3 nuggets of liquid iron'. TiC for 1.12 had a thing that handled it pretty nicely, and the UI side of things is mostly mod controlled right?
  3. Here's an idea. baseline unit: boz (bucket ounce). 1 nugget = 16boz 1 ingot = 9 nuggets = 144 boz 1 3x3 block = 9 ingots = 81 nuggets = 1296boz 1 bucket = 1 block. For things that are like the quoted text Just say buckets and don't invoke the lower measures at all. No one in the real world thinks "oh okey so I need 32 gallons, that's 32gal * 128oz so 4096oz", they just get 32 gallons.
  4. True, but the 'bucket is only 1000mb' is purely our (forge's) invention. Vanilla only has (iirc) one liquid which can be divided, and it only divides into thirds (water in cauldron into three bottles). Do correct me if I'm wrong, however.
  5. Never even considered the cauldron angle but if you can get three 'even' bottles out of it then the metric units are a bit unfit as well.
  6. Agreed, whole point of the pr, and now this thread, is to spawn debate and ideas. Perhaps this is overthought but it is a common enough use of fluids in mods to warrant consideration.
  7. Which is why I've brought it up. It is definitely something that should just 'be done' without some back and forth between various modding groups.
  8. Previously Basic gist: 1000mb of molten iron/gold/etc does not divide evenly by 9 (ingots per block) or 81 (nuggets per block). Molten $x is a fairly common concept in a lot of mods and is a large use of the fluid system. We're '''soon''' to be moving to 1.16, so if a change like this is to be done, now would be the time to do it.
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