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  1. well, i have read this documentation many times and now even more in the main class i call: public static <T> void registerCapabilities(Class<T>, Capability.IStorage<T>, Callable<? extends T>) { CapabilityManager.INSTANCE.register(IThirst.class, new ThirstStorage(), ThirstHandler::new); } and get this error: error: <identifier> expected public static <T> void registerCapabilities(Class<T>, Capability.IStorage<T>, Callable<? extends T>) what does it mean?
  2. i'm trying to add thirst system using capabilities to my mod, however i don't really understand how to do it even though i read the documentation. i already have a class which contains the thirst logic (which is pretty similar to the hunger), but how do i attach it to the player?
  3. yes, my modifier is there i have good news: my modifiers started working, the problem was my plant_fiber_from_grass.json was in the resources/data/primitivetools/ and not in the resources/data/primitivetools/loot_modifiers so it was just my carelessness thanks you very much for the help!
  4. oh, thanks! so, there is the new code for global modifiers: @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = PrimitiveTools.MOD_ID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD) public class GrassDrops { @SubscribeEvent public static void registerModifiers(RegistryEvent.Register<GlobalLootModifierSerializer<?>> event) { event.getRegistry().register( new GrassDropSerializer().setRegistryName(PrimitiveTools.MOD_ID, "plant_fiber_from_grass") ); } public static class GrassDropSerializer extends GlobalLootModifierSerializer<GrassDropModifier>
  5. hi, i created a loot table which overrides already existing vanilla table and caught this problem: error: method onLootLoad in class PlantFiberLootTable cannot be applied to given types; PlantFiberLootTable.onLootLoad(); ^ required: LootTableLoadEvent found: no arguments reason: actual and formal argument lists differ in length and there is the code: @Mod.EventBusSubscriber public class PlantFiberLootTable { @SubscribeEvent public static void onLootLoad(LootTableLoadEvent event) { if (event.getName().equals(new Res
  6. really, now it works thanks you very much!
  7. @vemerion strange, but seems like nothing happens after i added the code.. did i do something wrong? @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = Atmospheric.MOD_ID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD) @Mod("atmospheric") public class Atmospheric { public static final String MOD_ID = "atmospheric"; Minecraft minecraft = Minecraft.getInstance(); private static int musicTimer = 10; @SubscribeEvent public static void onTick(TickEvent.ClientTickEvent event) { if (event.phase == TickEvent.Phase.END && event.side == LogicalSide.CLIENT) { if (musicTimer-- &l
  8. ah, thanks! yes, vanilla music can start playing, but i will try to make vanilla music stop playing if mine is already playing
  9. I have already registered all the sound events, but i have never worked with tick events. Could you explain me how it works or give an example code?
  10. How can i make my music play at the background, like the vanilla soundtrack? I want to not just replace the vanilla soundtrack with my own, as in a resourcepack, but add new tracks to it
  11. oh, sorry, if i knew where to see this debug.log, I'd publish it thanks for the github explanation, i knew about it but wasn't registered on it! And of course, here is my code: https://gist.github.com/kemika1girl/17fa633cf87fc720315a3f4b995e2393
  12. Hi all, I just finished work on generating the very first ore in my mod, after which i went to check how it works. Minecraft loaded succesfully, but when i created a new world, the game suddenly crashed. Here is my crash report: https://pastebin.com/tiGkrMBa. I don't know, what's the problem, so i'm asking for help.
  13. Hi all! I'm just starting to develop my own mod on 1.15.2, and now i'm interested in creating a special book for the mod like the thaumonomicon from thaumcraft or the journal from astral sorcery. The problem is that I don't know how to create guis in 1.15.2. I tried to find examples of code or tutorial, but found almost nothing. I will be grateful for any help.
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