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  1. Today I opened my minecraft as usual. When Im open forge FML loading Interface. My Laptop is out of power. When I opend it again and try to use forge. it always crashed. I have already tried uninstall and install again but is still crashed, how can i fix it. Thanks!
  2. "nbt":{ "ench":{"id":32,"lvl":2} } I write down this but the item still has enchant when i craft it
  3. { "type": "forge:ore_shaped", "mirror":true, "pattern": [ "###", " * ", " * " ], "key": { "#": { "item": "moreslimemod:purpleslimeore", "data": 0 }, "*": { "item": "minecraft:stick", "data": 0 } }, "result": { "item": "moreslimemod:purpleslimepickaxe", "nbt": { {ench:[{id:32,lvl:2}]} } } }
  4. Sorry man when i try to write down, my json form is not correct. I want ask the right form about write in nbt this blank
  5. sorry man im a novice,Im stupid sorry. I can write repices but how to down it in result?
  6. Sorry i know nbt but where can i use it ?
  7. I want to craft a tool which has a enchant it self. e.g a pickaxe has EFFICIENCY
  8. 我想知道如何为块设置声音。我只想创建粘液,但我不知道如何设置他的声音
  9. I want to know how to set sound for block. I just want to create a slime but i dont know how to set his sound
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