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  1. Yes, acctually just before i checked this post i found it. I use reflection to get access to the session in minecraft. Then i call the func. func_111285_a() to return the username. Thanks for the post anyway
  2. Yes, i know there isn't. That's what i meant. I have tried to backlog but can't find anything so thats why I am asking. The only place I have seen any traces is in the FMLTweaker but there is no instance to that...
  3. Hello I wounder if anybody know how to get the players username during the preinit and/or init stage. The Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.username doesn't work until you load the world. Thank you for taking the time
  4. This is a simple but useful hook to get the player exhaustion level inside of FoodStat.java that I need and maybe others: /** * Get the player's exhaustion level. */ public float getExhaustionLevel() { return this.foodExhaustionLevel; } Thanks for reading!
  5. Yes, but you can't edit the standard armor model and you can't add a custom model to be rendered when the armor is equipped. That is what i need.
  6. Not really because that is not allaowing you to have a custom armor model and add a moddel. That only allow you to have a new item in the armor slot.
  7. Hi! I am developing a mod and i really need a hook to be able to chance how the armor model looks like. In my case i only need to resize the armor and i have tested that by editing source code so i know it works, but i don't want to edit the source so the mod is less compadable and have to be installed in the jar. And i was thinking that probobly other peoples want something like this so they can completly chance or add something to the armor. And oh, now i remembered. I am going to put on a extra moddel on to the player too. I don't want to say what but lets say for example feets. So it wou
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