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  1. well if that's the only solution sadhusfgsfd I was already thinking of learning java anyways
  2. I just read that topic, does that mean that I won't be able to fix this issue? I would update this modpack, but most mods are still stuck at 1.12, can't I do anything?
  3. I think I should add that not only the door behaves weirdly, the chest and items on the shelves do that too
  4. This is what happens when I use optifine, some chunks simply wont load the surface This is purey visual, as everything in the chuck can be hit and has a hitbox, it just doesn't load the textures I'd be really happy if someone knew what causes this, i've tried toggling every setting possible but nothing fixes this
  5. there are times when I try to post an image/video here, but it pops up a "-200" sign in my screen and says upload failed. Can someone help??
  6. it was already off, and when turned on, nothing changed, the chunks still didnt load correctly
  7. OK, quick update, I found out that it wasn't a mod that was causing it, but the removal of one. For some reason, removing optifine causes this glitch. "why don't you just play with it?" well, for some reason, optifine causes my chunks to load VERY slowly, and this sucks for exploration. Please, help
  8. thank you for your suggestion, i'll keep testing
  9. I'm working on a modpack, and this bug has been happening lately where tile entities glitch out and move as I move my mouse. My friend who is playing with me doesn't experience this bug. Mod list: Ai Improvements AntiqueAtlas Avatar Baubles BetterCaves BetterFPS BiblioCraft BloodMagic Chisel CombatRefined DaVinci's Vessels Dungeon Tactics Dynamic Surroundings Fast Leaf Decay Fossils n' Archeology Mr Crayfish's Furniture & Vehicles mods Galacticraft Gravestone Ice and Fire Immersive Engineering Instant Unify Just Enough Items Key wizard Level up HP Malisis Doors Mine Colonies Mowzie's Mobs I was hoping I could get some help here, I love this modpack and spent a lot of time in this world (I have a video, but the forums arent letting me send it for some reason) before glitchit gets worse as I come closer and move my mouse
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