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  1. I tried to install forge 1.16.1 for server but i got this "Processor failed" result. It's works fine when i installed in on client. This is the installer log : Processor failed, invalid outputs: C:\Users\A\Desktop\Forge_server\libraries\net\minecraft\server\1.16.1\server-1.16.1-slim.jar Expected: 6cbe49c4d26497791d1d511c2d3b7d1fa46fa2e9 Actual: 3f1b64c684df16a25e6c44079b06ac12131db572 C:\Users\A\Desktop\Forge_server\libraries\net\minecraft\server\1.16.1\server-1.16.1-extra.jar Expected: 79ed2a48582a58ce917a04344c35c9c9abb557e2 Act
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