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    Went to read the manual and found nothing when it came to GUI's. (To be specific I am making an item that will show a GUI when right clicked.). I know this is a dumb question, but are GUI's supported on the newest version of the MDK? If so, where can I find a way to add them? If GUI support isn't allowed, can I just use J Frames instead? https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/1.15.x/blocks/interaction/#usage-examples I am assuming this is the only documentation Forge released for GUI's.
  2. I recently started making a minecraft server through forge but I am having some problems starting it up. I have done the right port forwarding ports and everything else, but I keep getting this error in the command prompt. (I blurred out the file path and I.P address)
  3. Best put butter in that 🤣 this boutta be willd
  4. I clearly asked for something different, but your little butt buddy insisted on being a smart ass.
  5. awwww im sowwy I made fun of your shitty documentation 🤣🤣.
  6. My question was clearly to find an external tutorial different from the actual documentation... "Any references that I can use?(tutorials etc.) (Not including the forge files)" You could have just not answered. I would have found another way, (Which I have)... Don't be a smart ass.
  7. Any references that I can use?(tutorials etc.) (Not including the forge files)
  8. I am looking to make custom stats(Strength, speed, energy) for an RPG-style mod. These stats should be able to save in game. What should I look into to start making these? This is for forge version 1.16.1.
  9. I have checked through my IDE and the class is no longer net.minecraftforge.common.IExtendedEntityProperties.
  10. Does this still exist in 1.16.1? If it doesn't. Where can I find the class where this has been remapped too? I highly doubt that IEEP's were taken out all together.
  11. What is a good example of a .json which can be used to "call" an .obj file. If you have any good references please share the link.
  12. I fixed the missing textures. However I still got the same result.
  13. Ok, just registered it. But how would I make the item 3d? I put the item json in assets with the correct name but it shows as the purple and black thing (meaning no model or texture) Here is the code. https://pastebin.com/MWB0hRpY I am gonna assume i might need to make a separate class to render it.
  14. I am trying to make an item which is a 3d model. I have made the json already in block bench for it. Do I need to make some sort of class for it? Or is it not possible?
  15. I have never used those before, thanks for referring them to me. I will research it on my own. Thank you for the help.
  16. I guess that makes sense... Is there a detailed reference on how these classes work? Or is it similar to JPanels and JFrames in the Java.swing class?
  17. So for GUI's, I notice in TurtyWurty's video, how the class his screen class extends is just the container screen for a chest. I am aiming on just using a panel to display information with buttons to change values and display more panels (screens). How will I be able to find the right class for what I want? If you know can, you also tell me how to use it? It would be highly appreciated. Here is the video for reference. AND BEFORE THE MODS FLIP THEIR LIDS!!! I AM USING THE LATEST VERSION OF FORGE.
  18. Thank you, say I were using Intellij how would I search Hierarchies?
  19. https://skmedix.github.io/ForgeJavaDocs/javadoc/forge/1.9.4- Here is the link to the Forge API Packages that I found. Is this old?
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