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  1. Well, the PR has been cancelled, and the PR related to the first one, which was accepted, hasn't solved the bug...
  2. Fusing two damaged bows with inventory-crafting seems to cause a crash as well
  3. I discovered today that crafting polished andesite does the same (both with and without a crafting table, but stone cutter works perfectly)
  4. I'm not very used to github, how do I download the updated versions? Or is it just from the normal download on forge's website?
  5. Hi, thanks for reading this! So, for the circumstances: Forge 1.16 downloaded today, with "mouse tweaks". Done on a server (which have neither forge nor mouse tweaks). Upon crafting a bucket, at the moment when I click on the resulting bucket, the game crashes and display the error java.lang.IllegalStateException: Tag forge:dyes used before it was bound Doesn't occur on single player, but seems pretty consistent on the server debug.log
  6. Thanks to the person who deleted the duplicates, the website was telling me an error occured (EX1062), when it was in facts posted
  7. debug.log Hi, thanks for reading this I installed forge 1.16 today, ( and added the mod "mouse tweaks" immediately), then launched MC and went on a server. But as I started digging dirt, the game crashed. After some research, here's what I've found: Digging dirt with a grass "block" on top of it crashes the game, if you are on a serveur Same thing with a flower (haven't tested all of them, but at least dandelions and poppies work) The tool/hand used doesn't matter Digging dirt with dirt or air on top doesn't crash the game Digging dirt with a grass "block" on top but on a solo party does not crashes the game During the crash, the last frame that appears shows the dirt block, partially broken Also, the game suddenly crashed once without reason (cf debug n°2) I'll try to add things I find later debug2.log
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