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  1. Oh geez, I somehow didn't notice the "External Libraries" section in Intellij's sidebar underneath the project. I was too busy looking at the folders inside the project. This is what I get for trying to learn my way around a new IDE and a new set of libraries all at once. Thanks for pointing that out, as well as letting me know which libraries in the list to look at. I also found the event bus code, and along with the explanation, it's making a lot more sense to me now. It's one big object keeping a map of all listener methods to the objects they're listening to.
  2. Thanks for the tutorial link. I've had a hard time finding any tutorials or beginner-level code examples for 1.15. Java was my first coding language, but I've mostly been using C# since 2012, so I'm a little rusty, and some things like annotations are new to me. I'm also more used to programming business software rather than games. I'm still confused about the event bus. Does it pick up events from the Minecraft application? I don't quite see how it connects. Maybe I need to relearn how event listeners and handlers work. I'll try looking at it again tomorrow when I
  3. Hello, I am very new to Minecraft modding, and I wanted to create a test mod just to see how everything works. I thought I could at least try to show a chat message saying "Hello World" when the player starts up a world. The problem is, I don't know where to start. The example mod that comes with the MDK doesn't really explain what it's doing. I can see that it is adding listener methods to a FMLJavaModLoadingContext object, and the comments say that it is registering these methods for modloading. I don't know what any of that means. Could som
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