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  1. I changed the Music Player mod to not crash on the server and added packets to it. It is working perfectly now. Thanks again for the help.
  2. Thank you both. I think the approach of making the music mod server/client is probably the best approach. A few days ago I removed the @clientonly definition on the main class and it completely crashed the server, i did not look into it to much after that. I will take a stab at making the music mod server/client enabled. If that does not work, I will look at IMC messages. Thank you!
  3. I understand that. My helper mod can send/receive the packets though and my helper mod is both client/server. My question is is it possible to send an 'int' from my helper mod client side to the client only mod? My thought was that if my helper mod depends on the client only mod, then maybe I could call a method directly and pass in the int? Where I am confused is that wouldn't that mean that I would be instantiating a copy of the client only mod class?
  4. I have a very basic understanding of Java but really enjoy tinkering. Sorry if this question is stupid I believe that this problem is simply due to my basic understanding of Java. I am not really looking for a solution here, more just a pointer to get me unstuck. I have a client only mod (Music Player). I want to send an int from the server to the music player mod but I am not sure the best way to do this. Reason: I want to be able to start battle music when a player is within a configurable range of a 'boss entity' and then stop the battle music when the entity is dead or if the player is no longer in range. I have the entity range detection working and also the packets working through a helper mod. I am not sure how to send the int from the helper mod client side to the client only mod? Thought 1: In my helper mod, if I depend on the Music Player mod, wouldn't creating a 'new Class()' cause a duplicative instance of the music player rather than communicating with the instance that is actually running on the client? Thought 2: Is it possible for a packet to be sent from one mod and received on the client by another mod? Thought 3: I could modify the music player mod to also run on the server and then move the packets to the music player mod. If I did that though, wouldn't I have the same 'new class()' problem?
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before, I have searched google as well as this form but have not been able to find an answer. I am modifying the mod twilight forest to add a 'present' from the mod Presents in the final castle. I can place the present block in the castle in the location that I want, but I do not know how to update the NBT data of the present block. world.setBlockState(pos, Block.getBlockFromName("presents:present").getDefaultState(), 2); How do I add NBT data to the block?
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