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  1. Just wanted to thanks the team for their hard work and already have a working easy installer for the new Minecraft Launcher, makes it a breeze to install Forge into it, you deserve a lot of diamonds for that, keep up the good work...
  2. I was here to report the same bug but thanks to Runey5 its already reported and I know what is causing it, will keep Forge 735 on my client tll Optifine is updated, and I'll still use the latest mcpcplus which use 737 in their builds right now, just tested and everything seems to work #1, I suppose since Optifine is a Client sided mod it couldn't affect the server at all, but my other question is, can having 2 different forge version on the client and server cause any kind of problems, knowing that the builds are so close (client with 735 and server on 737) just curious to know what could happen there...
  3. Try Essentials, look in the config for that awesome plugin you can prevent behavior like fire spread, creeper damage and such, I know it worked #1 with my tekkit server last year, I suppose it should work still, or else I'm not 100% sure but perhaps one of the option you can try with the /gamerule command could change that behavior, I just use the mobGriefing false to prevent creeper damages on my server, I tested the Essentials plugin on a test server and found that most of the options seems to work.
  4. Thanks Pokechu22, I got it the actual link is also on the github page but the download link in this thread in the download section doesn't work, you have to get the one from the github page which is strange for me, I'm used to jenkins since I use LogisticPipes and a few mods that I have to download from there since there's no official releases for 1.4.x of Minecraft. It would be great if I could find a list of all the supported plugins that actually work fine with BukkitForge, perhaps I'm blind and there's a link I didn't see, I'm the OP of a private family server and just want to have fun so I already have Essentials there and it works nearly perfect so far for the use I need it for, some commands don't work but its not really important for most of them, I used bukkit in the past because I had a tekkit server last year, but since I got fully legit to support the hard work of modders, I wasn't able to find actual new versions of most mods, they are all outdated on mcpc central when they are ported, they are at least 4-5 versions late than the new one of each mod, quite hard to stay on top with this, now with a default server and bukkitforge I can have the best of all working together.
  5. I'm looking for a download link for the BukkitForge mod but can't find it, the links in the download aren't working so I guess the jenkins is down or something, please can you check what is going on exactly there, I was looking for something like that since I started playing with a Forge modded server but wasn't able because of Forge, now that I finally came across the mod of my dreams, the download links aren't working... Thanks for helping me out if you can
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