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  1. I did them but then it gives me a whole lot of errors in that file lol I guess im forced to put slabs on hold *Sighs* thanks anyway tho I guess ill tweek my mod as it is now with like 300-400 new blocks/items lol post it tomorrow or next day see how it goes!
  2. Will. Intended too before i started. Still want help. Atleast for slabs then ill finish up my mod and post it. No more "Go learn java" comments. Ether Send a helpfull reply in slab department or just dont. Getting anoyed ill be looking into java tuts tomo.
  3. Grand cause i try not to fall into flame wars Sweet ill definetly look at them in the morning my head is melted atm lol Much apresiated for the link BUT i still want help :3 (Im a very stubborn person but i do intend to learn java properly I just wanted to get slabs doors and fences sorted before i moved into other projects )
  4. Lets not start a flame war. Im asking for help not to be discouraged... Or point me in a direction for VERY good java tutorials that will help me? (Yes i can do this on my own but you might know a solid place with excellent java tutorials (Non minecraft java i mean))
  5. I figured out steps on my own with the minor help of pointing my attention to "Block" since my only problem with steps was i was extending block not BlockStairs and then it worked fine, there was no tutorials for steps from what i could find all im asking is for help on slabs since i cant figure out what i need to change in the side class. I just need a working example, but i do intend to learn java properly i just want to get 15% of this mod finished so i can post it and see how well it can do, seeing blocks work and other stuff was very encouraging. Anyway maken this mod is still learning java, figureing out problems is widening my outlook on the codes i just cant figure out slabs.
  6. actually if theres a updated tutorial on maken slabs that would help greatly. I know how to make tools, armor, ore generation, smelting, items, food, plants and flowers, steps and maybe something else i cant think of right now. I just need pointers or a tutorial or updated examples. Im not a dumbass show me once and ill probally know how to update ect.
  7. I might me maken a java mod but doesint always mean the one maken the mod knows this stuff lol im letrally new to this and i only know what i know from tutorials for miencrasft only lol asume the worst! Also i took out abstract didint notice it was there and it keeps telling me to add it Still a noob any more help about maken slabs mate?
  8. Iv been able to create steps and iv moved onto slabs, i basicly took minecrafts slabs and figure out all the red errors but in the core class: Block RedStoneSlab = new MeetTheMod_B_Slab(RedStoneSlabID, MeetTheMod_A_SUPER_CORE.RedStone, 64).setResistance(0.8F).setBlockName("RedStoneSlab"); This in red says it cant Instantiate the type MeetTheMod_B_Slab and it confuses me... Heres the class file i took from the soruces: http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/ca9d6134 If you know my problem can you just stupify it for me? tell me were to go what to change or direct me to a working tutorial <3 thanks in advance!
  9. Ah i see were i went wrong after 20 minutes of pondering about the block thing lol My side class extended Block i changed it to Extends BlockStairs and now they work fine Thanks for the help if thats were you were talking about lol if not i think id still be clueless
  10. Can u help this helpless amature out and pin point paste were i have to change please
  11. Findthis package in eclipse asuming your useing that: net.minecraft.item And open up the file called EnumToolMaterial. This is were the tools power comes from. read the NOTES under the materiel types and you should be able to change the existing tools power and durability. If you need help doing that just ask.
  12. Bump* Please I have a personal deadline and i need to know how to fix the crashing problem when i palce the steps in a world everything loads fine its just when you right click the steps down Poof Crashy crashy......
  13. Are you trying to make a new item or do you want the existing hoes to be better and stronger ect?
  14. Iv been trying to configure steps into my mod with the blocks i have created which is over 100 new blocks so i need alot of stairs and stuff lol Ok so my game loads up fine i can see the steps in creatice and there texture i can hold them in my hands fine, i can even toss them on the ground but as soo n as i right click palce them CRASH im not overly sure i guess i need to modify the stairs class a specific way and i dont know hwo to do that yet but heres source codes: Steps Core: Solved Steps Base Copy: Solved Error Log: http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/120576be Thanks in advance, I hope for a quick fix cause i have 100 steps slabs fences minor coloured doors to code in first stop is steps.
  15. Ok in my previous forum i had a weird shutting down error so i removed all my new code i added to day and game laoded the new worlds fine so i put the new code in its own core file and its pin pointing my crafting recipes for weird reason i dont see the error so heres the error log and soruce code............... Error Log: http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/9ddb6840 Source: http://paste.minecraftforge.net/view/15e07c22
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