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  1. Sorry it was so difficult ive been up all night and kinda struggling 😥 probably be my last post tonight thanks you all so much for helping
  2. tell me if that works bc it says unavailable and the latest.log wont upload
  3. thats all of the logs the server has had since today when it started having issues
  4. 2020-07-10-1.log.gz 2020-07-10-2.log.gz 2020-07-10-3.log.gz 2020-07-10-4.log.gz 2020-07-10-5.log.gz 2020-07-10-6.log.gz 2020-07-10-7.log.gz 2020-07-09-1.log.gz 2020-07-09-2.log.gz 2020-07-09-3.log.gz 2020-07-09-4.log.gz 2020-07-09-5.log.gz 2020-07-09-6.log.gz 2020-07-09-7.log.gz
  5. this is what it says when i try to loginto the server if appreciate any help i can get
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