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  1. My entity's function getCollisionBox not fire when it collide with other entity. getCollisionBox only fire when i use move function
  2. Which event or function handle when entity collide with block?
  3. i found that entities has custom model always extend from livingEntity. am i missing any entity which have custom model but extend from Entity instead of livingEntity?
  4. and where should i put my json model file, or i have to create a model class
  5. i just create an ArrowEntity Extended from AbstractArrowEntity. how can i add custom model to it??
  6. i want to add a trident at player position but nothing happen. @SubscribeEvent public void onClientTickEvent(final TickEvent.ClientTickEvent event) { if(event.phase != TickEvent.Phase.END) return; Minecraft minecraft = Minecraft.getInstance(); if(minecraft.player == null) return; PlayerEntity player = minecraft.player; ItemStack mainHand = player.getHeldItemMainhand(); if(KeyBindingHandler.throw_saber.isPressed() && mainHand.getItem() instanceof BeamSaber) { TridentEntity trident = new TridentEntity(min
  7. [1.15.2] i forgot to add the version to this topic title
  8. Do i need to use Deferred Registry to registry key bind
  9. i can't find addPropertyOverride function in Item Class anymore. did they replace it with others name?
  10. I have no idea how trident only deal damage when thrown but not return.
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