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  1. Works with both Java & Bedrock Editions IP: MCVantage.Net How are you? At MCVantage, our motto is simple: "Give our community what they want!" Chill, Non-Toxic, Never Pay2Win Server for Creative, Skyblock, Survival, and More! From Free WorldEdit to an awesome community, this is THE ultimate Minecraft Experience! Check out our Website & Join our Discord! 👇 https://discord.mcvantage.us https://mcvantage.us Additional Features: | Creative | VoxelSniper | Free WORLDEdit | Schematics | Heads | Plots | Builder's
  2. Interested? IP: MCVantage.Net Discord https://discord.gg/atm4q95 Planet Minecraft https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/mcvantage/ Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/MCVantage Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mcvantageofficial/ Website https://mcvantage.us/ We are looking for additional builders. Please respond in a comment and/or join the server. Discord is the easiest way for us to respond. Thanks!
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