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  1. Blu3


    I tried to make a keybind, but I got an Rednering Overlay Error! This is the crash report: [18:35:16] [Render thread/INFO] [STDOUT/]: [net.minecraft.util.registry.Bootstrap:printToSYSOUT:110]: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // This doesn't make any sense!
  2. Blu3


    Ok, I will try it. But I think it possible, maybe check before sent the packet and check and cancel the packet.
  3. Here is the new topic.
  4. Blu3


    I want to open a client sided gui with command. The gui is a cosmetic gui for pvp in for example hypixel
  5. Thx, now I need to open this gui with command, but I will publish another topic for that.
  6. I looked at the code I don't understand, all the code is like "public void func_1737_v_as(Matrix mouseY)"
  7. I want to create a gui in 1.16 like this: But I didn't found any tutorial about custom gui.
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