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  1. I'm trying to make a column block that has random textures on all four of its sides. The closest I've been able to get with this is by choosing a random model from the blockstate like this: { "variants":{ "axis=y":[{"model":"modid:block/model1","weight":2}, {"model":"modid:block/model2","weight":2}, {"model":"modid:block/model3","weight":1}], "axis=z":[{"model":"modid:block/model1","weight":2,"x":90}, {"model":"modid:block/model2","weight":2,"x":90}, {"model":"modid:block/model3","weight":1,"x":90}], "axis=x":[{"model":"modid:block/model1","weight":2,"x":90,"y":90}, {"model":"modid:block/model2","weight":2,"x":90,"y":90}, {"model":"modid:block/model3","weight":1,"x":90,"y":90}] } } This, however, results in the models being picked randomly, but the textures on their sides are all the same. I thought I could try changing the block model to look similar to my blockstate, but either it's not possible, or I cannot seem to get the formatting right... Any help? Here's what I've got so far on my block model for reference. { "parent":"block/cube_column", "textures":{ "end":"modid:blocks/texture_top", "side":[{"textures":"modid:blocks/texture_side1","weight":2}, {"textures":"modid:blocks/texture_side2","weight":2}, {"textures":"modid:blocks/texture_side3","weight":1}] } } Thanks in advance!
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