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  1. Yea I prefer CurseForge as well, but I always have gotten more following from those on Technic. Kinda sucks that all Universal Modpack Files (what Technic, MultiMC, External Vanilla Launcher Folder, and some other third party launchers use) will have to find a new way to distribute modpacks. I'll keep exploring and see if I can find a way to do it myself. Thank you for your help. If I do find a way, I'll post my findings here for anyone who stubbles across this post looking for answers to the same question I had.
  2. I make modpacks on Technic and the old method was to rename the forge installer to "modpack.jar" and put it into the bin folder of the modpack files. Without it, technic will launch the modpack without forge. Anyways, in 1.17.1 this method no longer works. I though maybe they returned to the method before the above one, which was using the forge universal jar and renaming it, but I couldn't find any 1.17.1 forge universal jar file. It looks like the whole installer is way different from what it use to be like when exported as well. So I'm wondering if anyone has found a new method for 1.17.1 modpack files or do I have to wait for a universal jar file to be released? (also sorry if this is the wrong category, this was more of a minecraft forge topic than it was a modding topic) Edit: I just realized this was meant to go into "Support & Bug Reports" I can't move the topic there, but if someone has the ability, please move it. If I have to delete this one and restart in the Support & Bugs category, please let me know.
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