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  1. As no-one wanted to help me, I thought I'd update this in case anyone else wants to do something like this (which was to pseudo-embed a texturepack inside a mod to enable a user to toggle specific changed blocks textures on/off via a config). The answer I used is the extremely simple blockstate, via the getActualState method of the block to check the config setting and apply the blockstate and model as required.
  2. Apologies, no, I don't know at all. All I know is that the problem to solve is the same and I don't know how it's done, and assumed it would be code along the same lines. I don't have anything like the 1.12 code specifically referencing models inside the later version code. It just seems finds the right model as if by magic, and I don't know how it is doing it, unless its the text match between block and json names. My code is largely cut-and-paste from tutorials and examples, and then edited to what I need, and I'm looking for some basic help on how to make this next edit. For 1.
  3. Thanks - I think this the same issue presents itself with the same code in later versions - this is not specific to 1.12.2 (?) My mod is versioned over 1.12 through to 1.15 with the various code variants, and the same question applies. Thanks!
  4. Hello. I think I get how basic json block models work by default just matching on name essentially (?). How would I go about inserting a condition into my code to provide an alternative different model though? I have created two different json model files, each pointing to a different set of textures: bbb.json + 32bbb.json I tried this simple code here in the public block class for the block called bbb, but this does not result in the 32bbb model ever being used, and the bbb model is used in both cases: @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) @Override public void registerM
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