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  1. VallerHQ is a new, community-based, Towns server! We offer a wide range of custom features which make the gameplay unique and unforgettable! If you are looking for a friendly Minecraft Server, with fair and dedicated Administration, you've come to the right place! Custom Plugins & Commands Friendly community & helpful Staff Team Amazing gameplay features: Jobs Substitute | Custom World & Nether & End | McMMO | Custom Fishing & Farming & Mobs | AH & Player Shops | Pets, Regular Events Unique Player Ranks & Tags [ FREE ] | **No pay-to-win** | Mystery Boxes & Lottery Quests [ Special quests with absorbing plot; Monthly Challenges; Daily Quests] AND EVEN MORE! Our Administration is dedicated and passionate to make this server work - they put in countless hours daily to complete tasks in order to stay in the planned schedule. However, to implement our challenging plans, we require enthusiastic and devoted staff-members, that will be willing to help us. We look for confident, sensible people with a likeable personality. We discourage arguments but always allow discussions. You must be a team player, and involve everyone where possible. We have various positions from helpers, moderators, staff managers, all the way to builders, artists and content creators. We have every position open and are ready for applications to come through. Moreover, if you prove yourself great, we can offer you even more! If you are willing to join our community, feel free to apply! So as to be considered for a staff position on our server, you must be 14 years old or older. We have to be convinced that you will be able to meet all the guidelines, and will be mature and responsible enough to represent our Staff Team. Detailed requirements: -Builder/Artist - at least 14 years old, -Helper - at least 14 years old, -Moderator+ - at least 16 years old. Server IP: VallerHQ.net Server Version: 1.15.2 Website: https://vallerhq.net/ Discord: https://discord.gg/7pbQZM2 Tiktok: @vallerhq Twitter: @HqValler JOIN OUR AMAZING COMMUNITY! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I hope to see you soon!
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