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  1. He said So, he want help to get more fps.
  2. Hey, i know I can set the light value with the Properties when I create a Block. But I want to set the light level in tick() of an TileEntity. I already know how to get the Block/BlockState, but I do not know how to set the light value. How can i set it?
  3. [ComputerCraft-Coroutine-0/WARN] [computercraft/]: Received unknown type 'net.minecraft.util.ResourceLocation', returning nil. It was an Issue from computercraft. 😶 Nevertheless, thanks to everyone who wanted to help.
  4. Oh yeah, i see. getWorld() works perfectly in tick(). Thanks!
  5. It's not the lua interpreter. The world is null without any Lua stuff. I removed the ILuaMethodProvider and just wanted to save the World in a var. https://hastebin.com/nahuwifuqu.properties exception https://hastebin.com/yelinicili.java Class
  6. Sure. https://hastebin.com/ejehuxuvuv.java
  7. But why, should the world be null? Did i do anything wrong?
  8. Hey, i want to get the Biome of a Tile Entity. I used getWorld().getBiome(getPos()) in my TileEntity class. But it returns null. Thanks. 😊
  9. Hey, I need a List of all Players on a Server or a LAN world. How can i get a list? Sorry if my english is too bad, it's not my native language. Thanks. ^^
  10. You can do: But this only works on logical Servers. int deaths = ServerWorld#getServer().getPlayerList().getPlayerStats(PlayerEntity).getValue(Stats.CUSTOM, Stats.DEATHS);
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