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  1. I figured it out i was only allowing items to be extracted from slot 2 not 0 or 1.
  2. Its like the gui and container are not synced properly.
  3. It only does not work when I try to manually remove it from the gui, sorry for not clarifying.
  4. Yep here it is https://pastebin.com/GaXSBxU9 All it does right now is modify the itemstack in one of the slots.
  5. I made a container with a gui in minecraft 1.16.1 and it mostly works. However when I try to take an item out, it takes it out for a bit only for it to appear back in the container. Any idea on why this is? Here is my container class https://pastebin.com/HLiSqCFf Here is my gui class https://pastebin.com/eKH39ZMr Here is my tile entity class https://pastebin.com/A3kSM8wF Here is my block class https://pastebin.com/ExmcFFXf
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