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  1. I'm using the GuiScreen keyTyped function in an extended class, because the search bar is in a Gui. This is the code that I currently have public void keyTyped(char typedChar, int keyCode) { if (focus) { if (keyCode == 28) { focus = false; } else if (keyCode == 14) { if (!typed.isEmpty()) { typed = typed.substring(0, typed.length() - 1); } } else if (ChatAllowedCharacters.isAllowedCharacter(typedChar)) { typed += typedChar; } } }
  2. Hello! I'm making a search bar for my mod and I was wondering where I can find how to implement a ctrl + a to select all and being able to hold delete. I'm currently using an integer to store my keyCodes and I was wondering if there was a way to check if a combination of keyCodes are typed and if you can hold them down.
  3. Hello! I was wondering if the is a way to draw a mc.fontRenderer.drawString() vertically for example: W o r d
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