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  1. After extensive debugging, I've finally figured out the actual cause of the issue. Avast Antivirus. Avast has a Ransomware Shield which "secures your personal photos, documents, and other files from being modified, deleted, or encrypted by ransomware attacks", and one of the directories in its paths to protect is the Desktop folder, for all users. Disabling this shield or removing the Desktop directory from it allows Forge to install to the desktop unimpeded.
  2. If I have to enable a hidden Administrator account to be able to use my computer the way I want, then I will. It's either that or go back to Windows 7 despite the dropped support. As for the log, it's basically the same as the one I attached in my original post. I diffed the files in my IDE to make sure and the only differences were the paths had C:\Users\Joseph instead of C:\Users\Administrator. I'll attach them so you can see for yourself. installer.log installer.log
  3. I logged into my regular "Administrator" account, tried to install Forge Server files to C:\Users\Joseph\Desktop\New folder and got the same error. If that wasn't a suggested solution and you're in fact telling me how to use my computer without explaining why or offering a better alternative, then I belay that order. What I choose to do with my personal property is not your concern, though I welcome those who try to educate me on matters in which I am ignorant.
  4. UPDATE: I chose to install the server files to: C:\New folder C:\Users\Administrator\New folder C:\Users\Administrator\New folder\New folder C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\New folder Out of these, only the directory on my desktop failed to have the server files installed to it. No clue why it doesn't like the desktop, but at least I found out why I was getting the error and how to get around it.
  5. Not using it caused more problems and headaches than I cared for. It may be a security risk, but one I'm willing to take if it means keeping my sanity.
  6. Forge: 1.16.1-32.0.97-installer.jar Java: 1.8.0_261 (x64) OS: Windows 10 Home Premium (x64) Similar to this post: Trying to install Forge 1.16.1 server files results in the error: Failed to run processor: java.io.FileNotFoundException:C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\New Folder\libraries\de\oceanlabs\mcp\mcp_config\1.16.1-20200625.160719\mcp_config-1.16.1-20200625.160719-mappings.txt (Access is denied) I'm using the hidden Windows 10 Administrator account, so I should have full read and write access regardless of permissions. I've tried updating Java, downloading the latest game files through the vanilla launcher, and restarting my computer to make sure there were no leftover handles, but I keep getting the same error when trying to install to the same directory or an empty directory. Navigating to C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\New Folder\libraries\de\oceanlabs\mcp\mcp_config\1.16.1-20200625.160719 shows there's only one file in the directory: mcp_config-1.16.1-20200625.160719.zip installer.log
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