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  1. My mistake, I didn't properly read your post (it's late here!). So yes, you have to use the packets with capabilities. This time, if I correctly read your post you don't know where you should recieve the packet. I've never really done what you want to do, but I have some basics. You need to follow this in the documation. The principle is to create a class that gathers everything you need for the network A fast example : public class Packet { private float temperature; public Packet(int temperature_) { this.temperature = temperature_; } // "responsible for encoding the message" public static void encode(Packet packet, PacketBuffer buffer) { buffer.writeInt(packet.temperature); } // "responsible for decoding the message" public static Packet decode(PacketBuffer buffer) { int temperature = buffer.readInt(); Packet instance = new Packet(temperature); return instance; } // What's INSTANCE ? Check Getting Started in the doc public static void registerMessage() { INSTANCE.messageBuilder(Packet.class, 0) .encoder(Packet::encode) .decoder(Packet::decode) .consumer(Packet::handle) .add(); // "Registering Packets" section } // "responsible for handling the message" public static void handle(Packet msg, Supplier<NetworkEvent.Context> ctx) { ctx.get().enqueueWork(() -> { // Work that needs to be threadsafe (most work) EntityPlayerMP sender = ctx.get().getSender(); // the client that sent this packet // do stuff }); ctx.get().setPacketHandled(true); } } } There's probably some things missing, but this should help. EDIT : Oh, I forgot! You need to call registerMessage() in the setup function of your mod.
  2. Check this mod which nearly perform what you want to do : https://github.com/mcenderdragon/DefaultDimension/blob/1.15.x/src/main/java/mcenderdragon/defaultdimension/DDMain.java
  3. How do you store the float ? You absolutety need to use a custom packet ? In fact, without further details I would say maybe use the dataManager for client-side synchronization and override the writeAdditional and readAdditional methods to make your data persistent.
  4. In fact, it's really simple. The problem is that your model inheirits from EntityModel. So first extends with AgeableModel : public class YourModel<T extends YourEntity> extends AgeableModel<T> Then, delete your render method and add : @Override protected Iterable<ModelRenderer> getHeadParts() { return ImmutableList.of(this.head); } @Override protected Iterable<ModelRenderer> getBodyParts() { return ImmutableList.of(this.body, this.legBackRight, this.legBackLeft, this.legFrontRight, this.legFrontLeft); } The AgeableModel class will render automatically your mob and scale it correctly if it's a baby.
  5. I had misunderstood this nuance thank you for this clarification and explanation!
  6. Hello! It's been a very short time that I've been trying to develop mods with Forge. I understand after reading a lot of things on this forum that FMLCommonSetupEvent is not thread safe. It was advised to use DeferredWorkQueue to overcome this problem. But I don't understand exactly how to use this function properly and I can't find any resource explaining it clearly enough. Can you help me? Thank you!
  7. Hi Daniel, I don't understand the meaning of the "MyEntities.myCustomEntity" argument. Could you explain it?
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